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Grants and Funding

Sport Stevenage Grants

Sport Stevenage currently have funding available for clubs to apply for to support coach/administrators training and education courses. This support to clubs targets those seeking to gain recognised qualifications both for those coaching and running voluntary sector sports clubs.

In order to apply for this funding, please complete the Sport Stevenage application form and return to the Treasurer at the address on the form.

The Stevenage Community Trust and Sport Stevenage funding continues to be available for clubs but targets those over the age of 18 years.

Stevenage Community Trust also has a fund which can be accessed by sports clubs

This fund can make grants to sports clubs to assist with the training expenses, training courses and in some cases equipment. A club can only apply once per year and it is desirable that the club can show some attempt at funding towards the bid and it will not always be possible to offer the full amount requested. Please note that these applications will only be considered on a quarterly basis so you need to get your application in early.

The next round of applications closes 1st July 2014. It will then be 23rd September 2014 and 6th January 2015.

Application form for the grant in Word format

Please email the completed form to or Stevenage Community Trust, Unit B, Mindenhall Court, High Street, Stevenage, Herts SG1 3UN

Sport England Funding

More information on Sport England Funding pages.

Hertfordshire County Council

For details see the herts Direct grants page.

Other possibilities?

Aspiring Athletes Scheme

Cash 4 Clubs
Ambition AXA Awards
Daily Telegraph and RBS Sport for You
Comic Relief
Football Foundation
Barclays community sports awards
Queen Elizabeth II Fields Fund